"My daughter and son-in-law were on the verge of divorce - my daughter had actually placed a down-payment on an apartment and was going to move out that weekend. She came to Freedom Worship Center in West Boylston and received deep ministry from the Lord as Brother Fount was teaching. She cancelled the apartment and is now working to put her marriage back together with her husband. They attended 3 sessions at FWC and God gave them a new heart of love for each other. A miracle has happened in their lives! I want to say, as their Mom, Thank you for your ministry!"

- Nancy Ericson -

Freedom Worship Center | West Boylston, MA

"I cant say enough about the awesome teachings Fount Lee Shults is bringing to us each Sunday for awhile. He truly is gifted with putting words to spiritual truths that have no words. AMAZING!!! Can't wait for next Sunday for more!"

- Judith Rowe -

Harvest Church | Murrells Inlet, SC

After one of our "Bitter Root Strongholds" schools in Korea, a man stood up and testified that the Father had set him free from perfectionism. He had been in the Korean army for 37 years. He confessed the pain he had caused to his wife and children by his authoritarian stance. He repented to his wife and children and their family is in the process of healing.

- Korean military officer -

Seoul, Korea

Lynda and I ministered to a man who had his own law practice but was fearful that he would not be able to finance his children's college. He had struggled to get his own education with little help from his family. Our Father showed him that he thought he was on his own in life. He had believed the lie that God would not be available with resources just as his earthly father had not been available. The Holy Spirit helped him to renounce the lie and he was able to rejoice over Father's provision in advance.

- A Lawyer -

Seoul, Korea

I had a lot of fear but when I went for my ministry time. But I was at ease while going through the process with Fount and Lynda. God gave me visions of security in him and words that lined with the verses from the Bible. It was amazing. God showed me I had received counterfeit affection because of a lie from the enemy that I had believed for so long. Now I'm set free.

Fount and Lynda's ministry had an enormous impact on my spiritual walk. I have a new freedom I am now walking in. I don't know how to explain how I feel since meeting with them that day, except to say I feel so much lighter, freer and have experienced a real sense of joy, with an expectation of more changes/freedom in my life to come.

- Anonymous -

Shiloh Place Ministries | North Myrtle Beach, SC

Heard Fount speak in 1986 in my discipleship school. I remember his testimony to this day. Very powerful

- Dean -

Www.thecrossrevealed.blogspot.com | Maui

While here in Florida, Randy mentioned your name and a conversation you guys had. So, he asks the folks here if they know you to which none did. I say brother Fount is the guy you can sit with and even if he says nothing, you learn from him just by being with him. Thank you for being so kind and caring and imparting to so many of us! (Kathy Campbell 7/4/22)

- Kathy Campbell -


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